White Willow2 (ex_whitewill541) wrote in dykesforspike,
White Willow2

I am absolutely speechless

I can't believe I finally found other dykes that were into Spike! (I'm a femme-dyke by the way, hope that's ok.)

Anways...think i'm gonna have a heartattack! Anyone else think Spike in 'Beneath Me,' looked like a dyke? I've loved Spike the character forever, but when I saw JM in that blue shirt and black pants outfit, looking, to me, very 'Hillary Swanky in Boys Don't Cry-y' I almost passed out.


Taz watching with parnter, first shot of Spike leaning up against doorframe...Taz spills her coffee all over self and girlfriend, as, mouth hanging completey wide open, she points to the television screen and struggles to say...

"Sp-Sp-Sp-" yes, words were a HUGE struggle at this moment, still pointing at screen..

"Sp-Sp-Spike's...A Dyke!!!!!"

Well now...

"Hellooooooo Cutie!"


Ha, Ha, Ha!

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