White Willow2 (ex_whitewill541) wrote in dykesforspike,
White Willow2

The Vegan Tiger

THE VEGAN TIGER: Queer Pop-Culture Salon


The Vegan Tiger is a site for GLBTQ and and queer friendly fans of such fandoms as BtVS, Angel, Star Trek, Xena, Harry Potter, and those interested in various aspects of Pop-Culture including comics and anime.

It is also a site where 'free and independent,' thinkers, philosophers and artists can come and discuss the current events of the day. Threads that use popular culture as a tool to discuss 'the big questions,' for example: 'Spike and the Nature of Evil,' are encouraged in our Buffy and/or Pop-Culture Scholar forums.

We believe in celebrating and embracing difference through the "forgotten art of conversation," and debate.

Entering the Vegan Tiger is like stepping back into the Victorian Era. An environment where manners and polite discussion is all important, combined with queers, sexual kinks and general bawdiness of all kinds!


Must be 16+ to enter





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