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butch girl!spike ficlet

OK, so I'm kind of obsessed with the fantasy of Spike as a butch woman. I just think his appeal transgresses gender lines. I could expound upon this but instead I'll just post this wee ficlet in case anyone's interested.

Title: “Breaking All the Rules”
Author: femmenerd
Pairing: girl!spike and Buffy
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: These hotties aren’t mine but I’ll bend them to my will and whimsy. Thanks for the inspiration Joss and Co.
Summary: Set in early S6, say post “Tabula Rasa.” The only part that’s AU is Spike being a hot ass butch dyke.
Author’s note: Written for the darker_spike “First Time” ficathon. My OTP is Spuffy but I wanted to do things a little differently for this challenge. This is a stand alone piece but I will be continuing the naughty girl!spike ‘verse in at least two more sequel vignettes that I’ll post on my journal femmenerd and my fic journal fics_de_femme.

A flash of light and the Zippo clicked sharply. It was beginning to be a familiar sound.

A puff of smoke swirled around the vampire’s characteristic smirk. Spike’s eyes glinted blue in the half-light of the alley. Leaning up against the brick wall, the vampire owned the space. The air pulsated with “Spike-ness” – bravado and charm and silent “I’m could fuck you breathless, Slayer” promises.

Buffy’s eyes widened. Her breath hitched, the sharp gasp threatening to expose her utterly and completely. That look in her former foe’s eyes was once again making her disoriented, filling her with equal parts lust and confusion.

She’d never felt this way…about a vampire. No. That’s wasn’t entirely right. She’d never felt this way about a man, about a woman

About anyone.

“Bit jumpy, aren’t we, Slayer?” The voice sank into Buffy’s pores, melodic and teasing, somehow neither high now low in timbre, yet commanding. Slightly scratchy and completely sexy. No! Do not think about the evil, bloodsucking fiend in that way! But it was too late.

“I’m…I’m…What are you doing here, Spike? And what do you want?” Buffy jutted her chin out and hoped that her own voice carried the required indignation that befitted her position as Slayer to this impudent vampire who refused to align herself to any of the rules.

Spike was an enigma – mysterious and almost always as much of a pain in the ass as she was beautiful. All cheekbones and hard, pretty mouth, leather and denim and irritating cockiness.

Spike ignored the first question and plunged evasively into the second. “Oh, I think you know what I want, Slayer.” The vampire moved out of the shadows and strutted towards Buffy, leather duster swishing as if it had been choreographed.

Spike. She drank and smoked and swore and put her boots up on the coffee table. She goaded Xander yet was nice to Dawn. Spike drove Buffy crazy in more ways than she could count.

“I’m NOT kissing you again, Spike. That was just a fluke-y thing.” Buffy trembled but kept pouring her energy into her scornful façade.

“Sure you are. Right now in that pretty little head of yours, Pet.”

Buffy scowled but it was true. Ever since the other night, she’d been reliving it all in feverish daydreams and involuntary nighttime fantasies.

Spike’s lips, skilled and insistent against her own.

The strong, sinewy muscles of the other woman’s arms around her and the brief tastes of how soft Spike’s skin was over angular curves, hidden so deceptively behind the uniform of black…

“You’re really full of yourself, aren’t you, Spike?” Buffy countered, deciding that the vampire had controlled this conversation for too long.

“No, love, I’m full of you.” Spike’s eyes softened. “I’m drowning in you, Summers.” She tossed her cigarette on the dirty ground and extinguished it firmly with the heel of her boot.

There was only a foot or two of air between them now. Spike was looking at her with that naked look and Buffy couldn’t stand it anymore. Rational thought fled Buffy’s mind and she grabbed the vampire by the back of her sleek, white neck and pushed her up against the wall, pressing her own hips up against Spike’s slim ones and silencing the presumptuous vampire with ravenous lips and tongue.

All the voices that usually would tell Buffy not to do this rushed up…

You don’t kiss Vampires!

You don’t kiss girls!

You don’t kiss punk ass bitches who think they know everything!

But the rushing of blood in her ears drowned out the inner-Buffy naysayers and Buffy moaned as Spike’s strong hands slid up under her skirt and over her ass, clutching firmly. The kisses were getting increasingly heated and Spike’s fingers were plucking at the strings of Buffy’s bikini panties. The vampire raised one of those thrill-inducing hands and quickly dispensed with the top buttons of Buffy’s shirt and proceeded to cup one of the breasts filling the lacy bra that completed the matching set.

Deep inside, the restraints that Buffy had tied so tight around her passion for Spike bust open and desire flooded through her in waves. She raked her hands violently through the short, spiky mess of Spike’s bleached blonde hair and answered the thrust of Spike’s hips with her own.

Spike smiled and pulled away from her briefly, gracing Buffy with one of those cunt wobbling head tilts (Did she practice that? How? With no mirror access and all). It was just enough time for Buffy to catch her breath before Spike flipped their positions and Buffy found herself splayed out with her back against the wall and Spike’s knee between her thighs, rhythmically pressing against her girl parts. Spike scanned Buffy’s body with her eyes and licked her lips, replacing the knee with a hand, stroking the growing wetness as it seeped through the flimsy cotton crotch of Buffy’s panties.

The Spike grin grew even more animated and soon nimble fingers were circling Buffy’s clit and she was crying out in strangled tones. Another hand followed suit and soon Spike was fucking Buffy with her fingers, deftly reaching the good spot inside as she worked the slippery nub at the Slayer’s entrance. Spike’s fingers moved like a hurricane and Buffy could hardly even register exactly what was happening to her other than it was good and Oh, yes. Right there!

It was fast and furious and when she came, Buffy almost felt like sobbing. Spike gazed at her solemnly and lifted one of her aromatic fingers to Buffy’s lips and Buffy sucked her own juices off of chipped black varnished fingertips, hardly believing that all of this was real.

“That’s right, love, taste yourself. I know I want to,” Spike whispered in her ear.

Then Buffy was screaming, raking at her own chest with her fingernails as Spike fucked her with tongue, lips, teeth and a Slayer-greased pinky finger in the ass.

Buffy looked down at the vamp crouched on the dirty ground, servicing her pussy’s every unknown desire and when Spike’s eyes met hers, glittering blue surrounded by thick black eyeliner and infused with dirty, raw love, Buffy convulsed and came like she never had before, soaking Spike’s willing face with a wet river of her release.

Spike stood up languidly, looking smug as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She moved her face so close to Buffy’s that Buffy could practically taste her own arousal where it was slathered all over the vampire’s chiseled features.

“Bet those *boys* never made you shoot off like that, did they, love?”

“Shut up, Spike,” Buffy retorted.

But she pulled Spike in close and kissed her savagely, feeling giddy and powerful in her afterglow.

Spike ignored the request for silence and pulled away after a minute or two, clucking her tongue and adding,

“Don’t worry, Slayer, I’ve got plenty more toys in my bag of tricks. I’m gonna make you scream in ways you’ve never imagined.”
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