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Fic: More or Less: Orphues NOT Revisted III, Spike/Faith Ensemble

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Title: More or Less- Orpheus Not Revisited Part 3

Author: Strange Bint


Rating: M

Pairings: Spike/Faith, Willow/Kennedy, Wes/Fred

Summary: Faith knew her mind-walk with Spike would be different than her Orpheus mind-walk with Angel. She just didn't know how right she'd be. When The New Initiative and the old Watcher’s messed with Spike’s mind Faith went into help—literally.

This is Season 2 of My Faith, Spike, and Connor Centered Spin-off. Post "Chosen" and Alternative "Angel" Season Five. It's written so you can jump in and (mostly) understand. In this Chapter: some Willow/Kennedy & Wes/Fred, but mostly about Spike/Faith. There will be more Buffy, Willow/Kennedy and more Connor (and maybe Dawn??) soon.

Visited Themes:

("Orpheus," Angel Season 4, Faith, Redeemed Faith, Mind-Walks, Magic, Willow's struggle with Magic, Connor, Angel, Wes, Fred, Nikki Wood, Spike/Nikki Wood, 1970s punk Spike, Evil Spike, Crazy Spike, Redeemed Spike, "Lies My Parents Told Me" Spike's past, Season 7 Spike/Buffy)

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Jody AKA Strange Bint
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