Jody (strangebint) wrote in dykesforspike,

Holiday Faith Fic a Thon!!

Please all join The Faith-Holiday-Fic-a-thon crappy_gifts . It’s a Holiday based Faith Lehane Fic-a-thon and More! So, we know our little (or better yet big grown-up) hot-bad-ass likes Christmas. She hung the lights in her dingy motel room, bought Buffy and Joyce "crappy" gifts, and stayed with Joyce on Christmas night while Buffy left her alone (that bitch!) So, I want to do a quick holiday, Christmas, Chanukah/Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve fic-a-thon for her. I'm sure she'd take any holiday she could get because, hey, a high-school-drop-out, ex-con, child of an alcoholic, Slayer can't be picky. So, here this goes...Or tries to. I've never run a community or fic-a-thon in my life. So, I'm just having a give-it-a-try-theme. Rules are very easy. All ‘ships welcome. You can also post old holiday fics, just request, or discuss.
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